Accessories that make long distance ride safe and comfortable

Kawasaki heavy industries have introduced several models of motorcycles. Some of the top rated models of motorcycles introduced by this automobile company are Ninja, Concours, Versys and KLR 650. These Kawasaki motorcycles are marketed through their authorized dealers. These dealers apart from marketing also supply genuine kawasaki klr 650 accessories.

kawasaki klr 650 accessories

Unique models of motorcycle:

The Kawasaki KLR 650 is regarded as one of the unique motorcycles. This is regarded as a dual sport bike suitable for all road conditions. Further, from the time KLR 650 was introduced in 1987, the design and basic features remained unchanged until 2007.

Ideal for long distance travel:

However, in 2008 the motorcycle underwent certain changes in the design. One of the notable changes in KLR 650 was in its engine. It was upgraded to 650 CC four stroke, water cooled single cylinder engine. Some of the other notable modifications introduced are heated handgrip, windscreen and extra luggage room. These changes also brought about some notable modifications in the exterior design of the motorcycle.  As a matter of fact, these changes made Kawasaki KLR 650 as the most suitable bike for long distance as well as for intercontinental trips.

Unique safety and performance related accessories:

Kawasaki 650 being a long distance travel motorcycle, may need a few extra accessories that can enhance the safety of the rider. Keeping this in view, the authorized dealers have introduced several other accessories that are exclusively suited for KLR 650 motor cycles. A brief introduction to such safety and performance oriented accessories is provided here:

·        The authorized dealers apart from marketing kawasaki klr 650 accessories also market various kinds of adventure gear accessories. As the bike is considered ideal for a long distance ride, it is necessary that the bike increases its fuel capacity. To achieve this, the authorized dealers add safari fuel tank, which naturally increases the riding range of the motorcycle.

·        In order to enhance the riding comfort, particularly for long distance riders, the authorized dealers also market exclusive extra large wind screens. Naturally, this will reduce fatigue caused by long distance riding.

·        You can also carry extra personal belongings on this Kawasaki KLR 650. For this purpose, extra side cases have been provided. Importance of good quality tyres, particularly when you are on a long distance travel does not require any explanation. The authorized dealers market tyres that are exclusively designed for long distance travel.

·        Baggage is one of the essential accessories for any long distance rider. For this purpose, the authorized dealers have introduced several varieties of saddle bags. The bags are light in weight, water resistant. In fact, these are all weatherproof bags.

·        In order to protect the bike from damage caused while driving on uneven roads, an adventure bash plate has also been provided for the KLR 650 model bikes. This is a strong aluminum plate which protects the engine.

Money back guarantee:

Apart from marketing genuine kawasaki klr 650 accessories, these authorized dealers also market these exclusive featured accessories. These accessories are suitable for KLR 650 motorcycles.  Every product you buy from these authorized dealers comes with a money back guarantee. The dealers undertake to install the accessories without any extra cost.

Post Author: Andrew Foster