Buying a car? Remember to factor in these costs

So you got a second hand vehicle, which is a total steal. That’s great! Unfortunately, purchasing a Mitsubishi in Toowoomba is not always that easy. You may think that you are getting an amazing deal, but chances are that the car may not be as cheap as you may think. This is after you include all the hidden costs related to buying a second hand vehicle.  Therefore, before putting your signature on that dotted line, ensure you find out the exact amount you will require to part with to buy cars Toowoomba dealers offer, and if you can afford it. Below are some of the most common hidden costs you should include:

Dealership fees

One of the biggest kickers when purchasing used cars in most states is the dealership cost. These are costs that you rarely think about until you are about to close the sale. Dealers may tack a number of fees onto the contract such as title fee, vehicle registration fee, dealer preparation fee, advertising fee, floor plan fee, emission testing fee, compliance fee, documentation fee, and license fee. Some costs may seem ridiculous, but you might find yourself having no choice but to pay. The only way out is ensuring that you know about these costs before you negotiate anything with the dealer. In case you are good at negotiating, you can be able to make the dealer remove some of them before you buy cars Toowoomba dealers have today.

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Finance charges

If you are not a billionaire, chances are that you will not be paying the whole cost of your car at once. If you do what other people do (take a loan) you may have to pay high interest charges. Therefore, consider the source of your financing before approaching the dealer. In case you find better terms and rates at another lending institution than the one the dealer offers you, you can manage to talk the dealer down during negotiation.


Most second car dealers will attempt to squeeze nearly every penny you may have. This means they might tempt you with tons of adds-on after they notice you are hooked on the car. Some of the common add-ons you need to be keen on include: prepaid tire rotations and oil changes, fabric and paint protection, vehicle accessories, an-theft devices, extended warranties, and credit insurance. The car dealer may attempt to convince you that these costs are important and they will help you save some money in future. However, avoid being fooled. Avoid such expenses unless you are sure you require an additional service such as car service Toowoomba has to offer.

Sales tax

Sales tax is not a hidden fee as you will need to pay sales tax for your car. However, it is a huge cost, which most people rarely remember to include when planning to buy used cars Toowoomba dealers have today. Car sales tax might add thousands of dollars on the final cost. Therefore, be keen to include it into the cost of your car.

The above are hidden costs you should be aware of before you buy cars Toowoomba dealers have to offer. Unless you are experienced in buying cars, you might find it challenging to calculate all these costs alone. Therefore, work with a second hand car dealer you can trust to avoid being fooled.

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Post Author: Andrew Foster