How to Handle Messy Perth Furniture Removals

When you are hiring professional Perth furniture removals services, you always do it with the expectation that everything is going to turn out ok because you have entrusted your removals in the hands of professionals.  But things don’t always go according to plan. Sometimes, your furniture removals is messed up with the people you have paid and trusted to help you get it done as professionally as possible.

A lot of the complaints that many Perth Consumers Affairs organizations receive are generally related to people getting the short end of the stick by the furniture removals companies in Perth. Most of the complaints received from the Perth furniture removals services are generally due to the loss of items or even damage of items when the items are in transit. Other common complaints include the delays in the furniture removals, customers being generally dissatisfied with the quality of the service as well as overpriced furniture removals services. There are certain removals companies that will end up charging over and above the quoted prices due to a variety of reasons or terms and conditions in the service.

Before Making the Move

In order to avoid many of these issues, it is important to take certain precautions before you make the move. As a consumer, you need to be very clear about the range of services offered by the Perth furniture removals company as well as how much these are going to cost. Ask if there are any hidden costs and penalties that you need to know about in order to avoid any future surprises. Does the removal company have any call-out rates? How will this be charged? Is it going to cost you a lot more if your furniture removals take longer than had actually been anticipated or if your property access is more difficult? Does the moving company charge the “stair fee”?

If you are going to pay an hourly rate, check if this also going to include the travelling time taken both to and also from the depot and what this will add to your overall moving cost. This can be a big issue if the moving company is situated far from your home and they are going to charge you a hefty fee for the hours when they are actually not working for you.  It is also important to have a look at the insurance that is offered by the company as well as what it will cover.

Damages, Delays and the Charges to be Incurred

In case there are losses or damages when your furniture will be on transit, the Perth furniture removals company will most likely be in breach of the Australian Consumer Law. In this case, you will be entitled to compensation. In case a furniture removalist in Perth is suddenly charging you more than was previously agreed on without any proper justification, as a consumer you can rightfully terminate the contract before the service.

In case you have used a furniture removalist service which has too many delays and inconveniences, and if these inconveniences have been caused by factors which are within the control of the furniture removals company, then you also have the right to ask for a reimbursement if there is any loss or even damages resulting from the delays.

How to have a peace of mind

One of the best ways to have peace of mind during your furniture removals is by carrying good due diligence. Good due diligence will reduce your chances of having a war deal during the furniture removals. Look for a removals company that is a member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association or AFRA. The body offers professional training to its members and also requires that they offer insurance and also follow a best practice code of conduct.

Post Author: Andrew Foster