Kawasaki Motorcycle: Dream bike of every racer

1954 was a remarkable year in the history of motorcycle industry. Kawasaki was launched in this year and since then it is serving the world with the most sporty and stylish range of bikes. This brand is the favorite of almost every motorcycle lover for a variety of reasons. Since then a number of models have been launched by Kawasaki for the purpose of racing. Every Kawasaki motorcycle features light and powerful machine that takes the bike to an absolutely new level. It helps the bike to boost the riders to overtake the competition.

Kawasaki – The all time champion

Over these years, Kawasaki has established itself in the global automotive industry as a brand that has given a tough competition to all other big brands in the industry. They not just manufacture great racing machines but also design great motorcycles which every rider loves to flaunt on the road. This company offers a variety of machines, including dirt motorcycles and heavy duty cruiser bikes.

Since then, Kawasaki motorcycles have got the recognition as the most innovative bikes in the industry. This brand is always more proactive than being reactive, which has pushed it to the top of the industry. It offers a great advantage over the other competitors. In the mid of 60s, the manufacturers started exporting their high quality automotives to the United States that worked as a smart move in taking the company to the heights of success. Z1 was the unveiled as the first Kawasaki motorcycle that created a buzz in the entire automotive market.

Heart stealing features of the Kawasaki motorcycle

The Kawasaki lineup is often featured in lime green shade. The techno geniuses of the industry have geared up the machinery of this bike in the large assortment of engine sizes and styles. This bike is undoubtedly a perfect amalgam of style, safety and performance. It is leading the sales chart since the last five years. It is highly recommended by the racers as it is extremely light in weight and a fast moving machine. The most popular and well known model of Kawasaki bike is Ninja, which is currently leading the market all across the globe. The well chiseled musculature of this bike gives a masculine look that is appreciated by the bikers all across the world.

This brand has done extensive redesigning of the bike in the last twenty years that is truly commendable. One can make their own style statement with the genuine accessories of Kawasaki to get the street fighter attitude. The exterior features of the Kawasaki bikes include tank pad, color coded pillion seat cover, titanium akrapovic exhaust muffler and windscreen, etc.


Gone are the days when a motorcycle was just considered as a mode of transportation. Now, it defines the personality and style statement of the rider. No one wants to hog on the not so- stylish kinds of motorbikes. Sports bikes are the latest trend that is pushed further by Kawasaki.

For more information on the Kawasaki motorcycles, you can always visit the website of the manufacturers.

Post Author: Andrew Foster