Kia Carnival: the Car That You Need

On its first release on 1998, the whole automotive world was in awe of the Kia Carnival. This is because of how powerful yet stylish it was. The first version had a 2.5 liter v6 engine that can produce 177 horsepower. It was also one of the best standard five-speed manual machines. Due to this, it was the number one selling minivan in Australia from 2001 up until 2002. Despite these cars being beast yet stylish machines KIA has released two more generations that showed a lot of improvement compared to the first generation. With that being said, KIA has released the new Kia Carnival on April 2014. A list below is provided to show you some things that you should know about it.

new kia carnival


In choosing a car, the engine should be one of the priorities. This is because a good engine usually equates to a good car. The new Kia Carnival has 3.3 liters DOHC CVVT V6 engine that can produce 206 horsepower at 6,000 rounds per minute. In simple terms, it means that the engine is so strong that it is equivalent to 206 horses pulling something at the same time. Another important thing to consider before choosing a great car is the torque that it produces. Torque is the ability of a machine to cause rotation on an axis such as gears and the mags of your car’s tires. This means that the greater the torque of a car is, the speed and acceleration of the car also become greater.


Transmission is another important thing to consider before choosing a car.The new Kia Carnival is a standard 6-speed automatic vehicle sports Matic that you don’t have to manually shift gears to change speeds and power. This also means that despite it being automatic, you can still control some gears. This way, you can still engine break or climb up hills. With that being said, this car can provide you the ease and comfort of the automatic transmission and the control of manual transmission. Despite that being said, it is still your choice because the feel of the transmission is also an important thing.

Physical Dimensions

This matter actually depends from person to person. However if you are into big cars like this car, you should keep in mind that it should be spacious and should have a clearance from the ground to avoid paint scratches when your car encounters humps and huge rocks.


Despite the mini van’s immense power, it is very fuel efficient. At one hundred kilometers, this car only consumes 9.1 liters of gasoline. Which means that you can travel from Brisbane to Sydney while consuming 78 liters of gasoline only.

Cars are indeed a good deal, however choosing one should be a thing that is not rushed. Whether you are planning to have a Kia Sportage Brisbane has or a Kia Rio Brisbane has, test drive it first. Servicing is another important thing to consider, so make sure that before you buy your KIA ask your provider if they cater Kia services. For more details, just visit

Post Author: Andrew Foster