Learn Six Causes of Windscreen Cracks and Chips

Windshields are specifically made to offer your vehicle structural support and to ease you the stress of driving on a highway. Windshields are made of two glass layers, which squeeze in an internal layer (lamination) of vehicle safety glass.  Lamination holds together any broken outer layers in case of an accident. This explains why even after cracking, the windshield does not fall apart.  Generally, most experts in Windscreen Repairs Caloundra has today can repair most cracks and chips, depending on location, depth, type, and size of the damage.

Windscreen Repairs Caloundra

Windshield cracks are among the most common problems handled byservice providers of the best Windscreen Repairs Caloundra has to offer. Some windshields do not show instant signs of a crack or chip. However, with time, the crack may extend across the whole screen and alter the driver’s view. Below are some of the most common causes of windshield chips and cracks.

Extreme Cold

Temperature changes can cause the windscreen to contract and expand continuously. In case of prolonged expansion and contraction of the windscreen, small cracks may appear on the glass length requiringWindscreen Repairs in Caloundra.  Moisture may also lead to the faster expansion of large cracks.

Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight may not be a major cause of windshield cracks, in areas with low temperatures. However, in case you experience severe heat, it may deform the glass shape or fracture the windscreen.  To prevent your car from such, have a sun shade in your car to prevent direct sunlight from damaging your windscreen or park the car under a shade.

Road Debris and Stones

Small stones, which are thrown on the windscreen, are one of the major causes of windscreens cracks. This mostly happens during road construction as there are usually loose stones on the road or trucks that pass and drop small stones as they move. These stones are likely to bounce from the ground, hitting the screen of the vehicle behind.  To avoid this from happening, reduce the speed of your car, especially when another car is overtaking.

Mother Nature

Unfavorable weather is a major cause of windshield chips. During a thunderstorm, debris can fly and hit your cars windscreen. Also, a chunk of ice or hail may also hit the glass of your auto-creating chips that require you to hire Caloundra Windscreen Repairs services. Hurricanes cause damages that are weather related. Avoid driving during a storm and keep your car in a covered area or in the garage to guard it against any damage.

Structural Weakness

Windshields are an important part of a car’s safety system. In case of an accident, they deflect the airbags on the side of the passenger and support the roof. Although they are installed using sturdy adhesive, they can crack in case of a structural pressure, especially if the pressure is exerted at the windscreens edges.

Direct Impact

A direct impact is not only unpredictable but challenging to avoid. An accident can happen when you least expect, and if it is severe, it may damage your windscreen.  Also, animals such as Wildlife or a flying bird can hit the car causing direct impact on the windscreen.

The above are only some of the major causes of windscreen cracks and chips. In case you notice splits or small chips on your car, it is important to have it repaired. Failing to repair a damaged windscreen can be a cause of an expensive windscreen Repairs Caloundra has to offer in the long run. For more details, just visit our website at http://www.windscreenreplacements.com.au/windscreen-repairs-caloundra/.

Post Author: Andrew Foster