The Different Types of Services Courier Companies Offer

There are many courier companies in Australia. One need not travel far before seeing a courier van whether within the town or out on the road. Many people view these companies as providers of basic parcel or package services. However, courier companies provide a host of services that target meeting the variable demands of their clients. There are various kinds of couriers in Melbourne which avail services to customers in this area.

International Courier

It is easy telling what this kind is all about just by the name. International courier services provide clients with a solution in getting their package across the border of their country into a different one. They are not hindered by requirements for undertaking air or sea transportation. Such an agency can at times operate as a standard courier service (5- 7 days) or International Express (Next day) service.

Same Day Express Courier

If you require sending a delayed parcel or for it to arrive in a single day the Same Day Express Couriers can come in very handy. Such a service is dedicated to delivering parcels to their destinations in the shortest time-frame possible. It is a very popular mode of delivering parcels in cities, mostly with law firms.

Overnight Courier

Urgent delivery is required by many business entities overnight. Overnight couriers in Melbourne have the capacity of transporting packages and parcels during late-night and early morning hours. They assure of transporting parcels to their destination before the time designated on the following day.

Bike Courier

Certain companies make use of bikes or motorbikes to overcome the challenge posed by heavy traffic especially within large cities. As such, clients can expect getting their parcels delivered just on time at every occasion.

Standard Courier

Someone who is not necessarily restriction to a particular time schedule for delivery of parcels can have them transported using a standard service. This is most often the best and most cost-efficient mode and can take between two and three days longer than a time-specific courier does. This kind of service is popular for people who order products via the web.

Whatever kind of business clients operate, most of them require delivering packages and papers to other clients or offices time and again to various destinations. It is highly beneficial entrusting the task to a seasoned outfit within the city. The methods of delivery outlined above afford clients the flexibility of having their courier needs met regardless of time, type of parcel and other limitations.

Couriers in Melbourne operate mainly from registered offices. For large volumes of parcels and documents however, they can also pick up your consignment right at your doorstep. The company will usually pick up the parcels before assigning a stipulated delivery time that is based upon task-urgency, distance and destination-locality. They would normally have their unique numbering protocol for sending out urgent local consignments to their destination for immediate delivery. Find out what specific type of couriers are available within your locality to enable you make an informed decision.

Post Author: Andrew Foster