Top four car tyre brands that are worth a purchase

The performance of tyre retailing industry in Australia has been mostly positive over the last 5 years as it has been benefited from the growing number of motor bikes and cars on Australian roads. Though the consumers have driven lesser distance owing to high fuel costs from 2013-2014, the splurge in the number of automobile owners has largely contributed to the growth of this industry. It is also worth noting that the tyres have become much affordable in the recent times owing to the influx of lowly priced raw materials from China market and strong position of Australian dollars. In such an economic scenario, if you are looking for a tyre in Gold Coast, you would have to consider some of the best rated tyre brands available here.


One of the leading tyre manufacturers across the globe, this brand is the owner of Firestone brands along with various other lesser known yet economic brands. Though tyres made by this brand are a bit pricey, they are extremely proficient in offering a top-notch grip. This is the primary reason behind their popularity, and these tyres are easily available with any reputed tyre dealer in your area. Besides their other specialties, Bridgestone tyres also offer an exclusive range of car tyres with high-quality wet grip. You may have a look at their range of wet tyres in F1 races, which are efficient in maintaining a firm grip on the wet grounds even while reaching a speed of 150 mph.


One of the most efficient rivals of Bridgestone, this reputed tyre maker has secured a position among the top international tyre suppliers across the world in terms of yearly sales. Quite like Bridgestone, these dry grip tyres come with a high price tag and are immensely powerful in providing a secured handling. Their range of Pilot Sport has been reviewed to a considerable extent so that this brand of tyre in Gold Coast can allow the users to exercise a matchless dry and wet grip.


Yet another marvelous tyre brand, Goodyear seems to be the largest tyre makers across the world. This brand is also the owner of the renowned tyre brand Dunlop and economic tyre brand Fulda, so that people with varying budgets can opt for it. Goodyear offers a range of wet and dry grip tyres, and as a result travelling enthusiasts go for this brand. The most important features of these tyres include their consistency, specialized dry grip, excellent handling and high durability.


This German tyre brand has secured a matchless reputation across the European countries and has also produced some of the high-end tyres under the names of Barum, Viking and Uniroyal. You can opt for this tyre in Gold Coast owing to its perfect combination of wet as well as dry grip, improved handling and reduced on-road wear. This brand of tyres has successfully fared much better with tyre experts than Michellin sport cup series, while being much more affordable.

Thus, when you are contemplating to get your car a brand new set of high-quality tyres, you can consider any of these premium class yet cost-effective options.

Post Author: Andrew Foster